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Mercedes-AMG S65 shows off the joys of the V12
S65's V12 is based on the normally aspirated 1998 M137 5.8-litre engine first used in the S600, in which it developed just 362bhp and 391lb ft of torque

Farewell to the V12: celebrating the endangered engine

The days of the V12 are numbered. We prepare to bid farewell to this most glorious of engine configurations and look at why it’s so special

20 July 2019
Autocar writers review the cars of their birth years
You might know what was number one in the charts when you were born, but what was rocking the motoring world?

The test of time: the best cars from the Autocar team's birth-years

Six of our writers, young and not so young, hook up with cars of the same vintage to discover the greatest year in motoring history

20 July 2019

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW to extend alliance plans

The two firms are set to extend recently agreed deal into sharing petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, according to Autocar sources

19 July 2019

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